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DESCRIPTION: The participating students record important historical events, dates, customs, traditions, current, cultural landmarks per month.

METHOD: The implementation consists of the identity texts method, with texts produced in a strong (mother tongue) and in a less powerful language (which they are now learning), where they report the results of their research, personal experiences, interviews with the family environment, the internet and relevant books and manuals.

OBJECTIVE: The educational programme, through the method of identity texts, aims to the cultivation of European Identity, the creation of deeper relationships and understanding of students of all departments, the promotion of multilingualism and multiculturalism as an advantage and pedagogical tool but also the active participation of the family and teachers in the school community.

DELIVERABLES: In addition to a summative final product that may be digital (eg blog, school site), poster or video, students will announce the most important events on a separate bulletin board or even a small update at the morning concentration in the school yard.

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