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Different languages do not separate people, rather people from different countries have something in common as far as communication is concerned: they can all speak the language of the heart. Then again, ancient civilizations and in particular the ancient Greek civilization can also “communicate” with our era - and vice versa - even more directly and successfully through theater, with its undisputed edifying value highlighted by the Ancient Greeks.

Being a multicultural school, the School of European Education of Heraklion, wishes to bring out the fact that unity and common ground can emerge from the different, as well as that the aforementioned communication between our world and the ancient one can lead to better understanding of the latter. To this end, a reading action of the book Α, τα ωραία θέατρα by Manolis Vrahnakis is planned to take place at school. The book is written for 12-year-old children and it has been translated in English with the title The Performance. It was a product of the Eurolog project (how can knowledge of the ancient world help to answer questions in the present and future), 2013, supported by the “EU Culture Programme”.

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