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According to 2016-01-D-49-en-4 Orig.: EN Guidelines on Organizing Students’ Mobility from and to the European Schools, temporarily visiting other schools in a different country gives students the chance to develop more intensively in many regards, for example to improve their language skills and to mature through experiencing a different educational and cultural environment. European Schools offer the possibility of hosting other students as well as supporting their students to visit other schools. Both can take place as real exchanges (visit and return visit) or as one-way visits. They are known collectively as "student mobility programmes".

In our school, this programme gives to some students in S5 the possibility to spend 5 to 6 weeks in another European School or an accredited European School, and vice versa. The application has to be done during the year of S4. Due to organizational reasons, the number of students that can be admitted to this programme is limited, and not all the requests can be fulfilled.

In order to be approved, a school exchange needs the approval of the directors of both schools involved. The class council provides advice – notably on the school results and on the behavior of the pupil.

The school cannot be held liable for any expenses in case of cancellation of the exchange program, including travel restrictions or other conditions.


  • Parents have to find a school from the mobility school list, which offers a linguistic section of the student in question,
  • taking into account that the student has to be able to follow their subjects as much as possible.
  • The application has to be done as soon as possible and not later than 12th January 2024.
  • The application, as well as a personal statement, written by the pupil, explaining why they would like to take part in the exchange programme must be sent to the coordinator : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Some important remarks

  • The student has to be able to catch up some lost subjects and be aware to study extra on subjects that she/he cannot follow in the host school
  • The student has to be mature enough
  • The student has to think very well before the request is done
  • Parents and pupils have to do their part themselves
  • Finding a host family is often a big problem. It is an advantage if you know families in the area the student wants to go

Some important dates

  • 12 January 2024: Deadline for submission of the complete dossier (excluding the confidential medical form to be filled later).
  • April 2024: Feedback from host schools
  • May/ June 2024: Finalization of the dossier 

Mobility Coordinator: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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