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The School of European Education of Heraklion (SEEH) is an Accredited European (Greek public) School, established in 2005. To this day, the school is comprised of a Greek and an English section and is the only school in Greece to offer the multilingual curriculum of European Schools.

The elementary education section offers a Nursery School program of two years, followed by 5 years of Primary School, P1-P5. In Primary School, courses are taught in the first language (L1) of the section, while a first foreign language (L2) is introduced already in P1. Pupils of both sections participate in European hours, allowing them to work and study together.

The Secondary School includes 7 years, S1-S7, divided into three cycles. A second foreign language (L3) is chosen in the beginning of S1 and by S3 humanities courses and Ethics classes are taught in the student’s L2.

School management

Director: Konstantinos SPYRIDAKIS

Deputy Director, Primary Cycle: Chrysa PERVOLARAKI

Deputy Director, Secondary Cycle: Konstantinos SPYRIDAKIS


School of European Education Heraklion

Savathianon & A. Nioti 8
  P.O. Box 2099
  71202 Heraklion
+30 2810 301780


Primary Cycle

Secondary Cycle