Registration for the school year 2019 - 2020 in the Primary Section of the School of European Education of Heraklion will be from the 1st to the 15th of June.

Children of employees of ENISA or other institutions of the European Union have priority over the enrollment process. Secondary priority goes to the following categories: a) the children of employees of international organizations and diplomatic missions based in Heraklion, b) children whose parents (at least one of them) are nationals of an EU member state and c) the children of employees working in organizations and institutions related to research and development. Should there be any vacancies, children whose parents have submitted an application for registration will be randomly selected through an open, public draw.


Children who have the right to be enrolled in the Nursery School are those who are 5 years of age, i.e. born in 2014, and in the 1st Grade in Primary School, those who are 6 years of age, i.e. born in 2013.


The documents required for enrolment in the Nursery School are the following (originals):

  1. Child’s health book or any other document indicating that all the anticipated vaccines have been given (a photocopy will be kept).
  2. Parents’ passports or identification cards on which nationality is shown (a photocopy will be kept).
  3. Birth certificate bearing the seal of Hague (APOSTILLE), officially translated in Greece into the Greek language, for pupils who were born abroad.


The documents required for enrolment in Primary are the following (originals):

  • All of the above,
  • as well as a certificate of attendance in Nursery School.
  • The other documents required will be provided by the school during the enrolment process.


Students may enroll in the Secondary cycle of the European School of Heraklion for the school year 2019 - 2020 under the following conditions and in addition to the above:

  1. They turn 11 during the year of enrollment; and
  2. They have successfully completed the Primary cycle of a European School, or alternatively the 5th grade of a primary school within the Greek national education system or an officially recognized school of an EU country, at the equivalent grade set out in appendix VII of the General Rules of the European Schools (2014-03-D-14-en-7).                   
  • All study titles as well as all documents issued in a foreign country should bear the Hague (APOSTILLE) stamp.
  • Any study titles as well as documents originating from countries that are not signatories to the Hague Convention must be certified by a Greek consular authority in the country of origin of the documents.
  • All study titles and documents must be officially translated into Greece in the Greek language.