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"Teachers’ empowerment & their mental resilience’s strengthening"

  The Directorate of S.E.E. of Heraklion organized on 4/12/2023 an in-service training as Pedagogical Day for the Teachers who work in the school for the current School Year 2023 – 2024. The Pedagogical Day (P.D.) had as content the “Teachers’ empowerment & their mental resilience’s strengthening”. The need for such a context arose from the difficulties faced by many teachers in managing the increasing work demands in the today’s school and the increasingly intensive work rates in order to meet these demands. The P.D. had an experiential framework since the teachers were invited to participate in 3 consecutive experiential workshops with similar thematic content. The place that was chosen for this P.D. to be implemented was the outdoor environment at a unique place named "Fourni" in Archanes village, where the natural environment blends harmoniously with the history of Minoan Civilization of Crete. The teachers walked along an ancient Minoan path and reached an open theater next to the archaeological site "Fourni". In this theater, a theoretical introduction to the thematic content of the P.D. took place and then experiential workshops were implemented in the unique natural environment with trees, herbs and wild flowers. The program of P.D. was organized as follow:

a) Amalia Filippaki - Director of S.E.E. Heraklion - PhD in Education for Sustainability: Introduction in the content of P.D.

b) Maria Panagiotaki - Psychologist - Sociologist, Psychodramatist / MSc in Psychology of Development: Mental resilience and educational community: need and demand.

c) Irini Spanaki - EDIP, University of Crete: Management of conflicts and development of positive emotions in the workplace.

d) Anna Martimianaki & Elena FanioudakiE.P.E.A Archanon: "What… if it was otherwise?" Experiential Interaction and Communication Activities.

In the end of the Pedagogical Day a reflective discussion took place among the teachers regarding the pedagogical techniques in managing difficult situations in their daily life in the school.

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