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The English-speaking section of the Primary Cycle of the School of European Education of Heraklion visited the Urban Vegetable Garden in Agios Ioannis-Heraklion (Crete), in the context of an educational fieldtrip, with the aim of participating in the planting process and familiarization with organic farming.

After the welcome and a short introduction to the volunteers and the expert agronomist who take care of the Vegetable Garden every day, the students, with the help of Vicky, Kostas and Despina, planted lettuce, cabbage, broccoli and leeks. Babis Symeonidis, member of the “Greenpeace Heraklion”, under the shade of the olive tree, discussed with the students the need to protect the ecosystem from the use of plastic and other human interventions. Afterwards, the students participated in a workshop to create nurseries in paper and fabric containers.

The vegetable garden was filled with happy faces. The students were enthralled with the collection of vegetables, fruits and flowers grown within this space. They got to know all trees and plants, they tasted fresh, seasonal fruit straight from the farm and played carefree having fun in a natural, urban and human-friendly environment.

We were particularly impressed by the fact that these multicultural students were informed and aware of issues concerning the environment and its protection, as well as issues of solidarity. They behaved with courtesy and respect in this first visit to the Municipal Vegetable Garden of Agios Ioannis, something which is certainly an optimistic message in the complex and multi-challenging everyday life. After all, this generation with maturity recognizes the right choices for protecting the natural environment. Congratulations to their parents and teachers!

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