The art of weaving in Crete

Since 2011, the SEE has participated in various weaving activities, involving students from both cycles and both language sections. The main goals of these activities include: familiarization with the traditional crafts of Crete; the revival and spreading of these; and the search for family traditions in weaving.

During the implementation of these activities, the students participated in: an interactive exhibit with weavers at the Church of St. Mark; musical and theatrical performances; visits to schools implementing similar programmes and engaging in co-teaching; excursions to textile workshops in Crete and the rest of Greece, the Benaki Museum and the Museum of Textile Arts Mentis; a visit to the Lyceum of the Greeks in Volos and participation in an educational programme; cultivation of flax at the University of Crete; interviews with weavers from the family environment and photographing of family textiles; a digital compilation of representative traditional textiles of Crete and the study of their unique patterns; digitization of the ornamental motifs found on the weaving and the creation of a digital Museum of Textile Art.

The school has cooperated with the Department of Primary Education at the University of Crete and the Penelope-Gandhi Mission, the Technical University of Chania and the Technological Educational
Institute of Crete.