• Erasmus+ KA1 Open or Close
  • Erasmus+ KA2 Open or Close

    Our school proudly takes part in an Erasmus+KA2 project named: ART & ICT against Bullying and Cyberbullying. The countries that are taking part are: Spain (as a coordinator country), Italy and Latvia.

    With this project we want to prevent and reduce the cases of bullying and cyberbullying in our centre and in all educational community our school belongs to. We also want to establish cooperation ties with our international partners, to exchange experiences and enrich our feedback, by facing the problems from different point of view.

    Through the mobility we will be able to exchange experiences between teachers and students, and the set activities will enable us to take advantage of the work and have better results for our school and all the partners schools who are taking part in the project. To help us keep a close contact with our community we have created a facebook account where all the information and outcomes can be seen there. You can find us as: ERASMUS-Bullying.

  • Cosmo club Open or Close

    This year, we have organized a cosmology group at the School of European education of Heraklion.

    Our group will study the evolution of the Universe as described by the standard cosmological model, from the Big Bang to the dark-energy dominated expansion that the Universe undergoes today.

    Our aim is to conceive the dependence of the evolution of the cosmological theory from the observational data available and hence from technological evolution.

    To that end, among other tools, we will use a mathematical software package in order to compare the standard cosmological model predictions with the recent data from the Planck satellite of the European Space Agency (ESA).

    The group meetings will be held weekly, after the end of the lessons. All members of the school community are welcome to attend!

  • Math club Open or Close

    In the spirit of stability and evolution of supplementary educational guidelines at SEEH (which are not covered from the daily teaching program) and taking advantage last year’s deposit, the school’s mathematicians suggest the foundation of Math club for the present school year 2018-2019.

    Fundamental and primitive goal of Math club is to emphasize and develop the mathematical thinking and ability of our school’s pupils along with the understanding of the organic link between mathematics and other scientific areas as well as everyday life in all aspects. Additional goals are the integration among pupils in order to strengthen the bonds between them and the enhancement of European identity for pupils and school.

    We are mainly aiming to study two subjects:

    1. Units of measurements
      Studying the historic evolution of units of measurements, their birth, foundation and differentiation. Grand discoveries, new thoughts, new scientific areas. Scientists names. Mathematical influence, social consequences.
    2. Mathematical proof
      The meaning of proof. Necessity and consequence. Forms of proof. Contradictions and paradoxes. Logic, philosophy, order and disorder.

     Math club meetings will last two hours (after the daily program) and every two weeks. The meeting day shall be decided along with the pupils involved. Besides the mainly educational aspect of the meetings we shall be given the opportunity to approach the former mentioned subjects in more ways as: creations, experiential games, rhetoric games, watching relative movies and videos. At the end of the school year, if the circumstances allow it, Mathclub shall present its work to the school community.

  • Photo club Open or Close

    For the school year 2018-2019 the School of European Education – Heraklion is organizing weakly sessions of a Students Photo Club.

    During the Photo Club meetings, the students will be introduced to the work of famous photographers and come in contact with the world of modern and contemporary photography.

    Additionally, students will have the opportunity to study a variety of photobooks and through hands-on experience learn about the importance of organizing their photographic work in thematic series, as well as sequencing their images.

    The main goals of the photography club are to help the students to express themselves through the medium of photography and to be able to develop a critical eye on photography, either as future photographers themselves or just as image consumers.

    At the end of the school year there will be a presentation of a students’ group project with the topic "European Identity".