Entrances to the school open at 8:15 and close at 8:30. When the bell rings, students form lines of two and attend Morning Assembly without interrupting the proceedings. The doors will re-open at 9:00, for late arrivals, and these students will automatically be marked absent for the first hour.

After Morning Assembly and after each break, students have to wait at their assigned places in the schoolyard and go to classes accompanied by their teachers.

Unless there is a legitimate excuse, an arrival is considered late when the student enters the classroom after the teacher. More specifically, students who are late for their first hour are required to go to the Administration Office where their tardiness is marked down. Frequent tardiness can lead to disciplinary action.

When the bell rings, students have to wait until their teacher locks the classroom door and only then may they proceed quietly down to the schoolyard.

The unexcused absence of a student while on the school premises is considered a serious violation of school rules.

During the breaks, students must not stay in the building and come out to the schoolyard. Students are barred from lingering in hallways and classrooms except when they have obtained permission from the teachers on duty or have been given other instructions. If a student is found anywhere in the building during break time, he will be taken to the Head of the school and in turn will receive an hour’s suspension. Moreover, students are not allowed to crowd into the toilets and remain there unless there is a legitimate reason to do so.

Students are forbidden to take the classroom keys, except if they have been given special permission.

Students are required to keep school premises clean, to not leave any leftover food behind and to maintain good hygiene habits (at the faucets and toilets, especially.)

The use of mobile phones and other electronic gadgets is strictly forbidden on school premises. Should the need for students to communicate with their parents arise, they can use the phone in the Administration Office, after they obtain permission to do so. Mobile phones which have been taken from a student will be kept at the Administration Office and returned to the pupil’s parents.

Students are responsible for getting any equipment or sports clothing they might need out of their classroom during the break so that they can take part in P.E. class; they will not be allowed to go up to the classroom afterwards.

The classroom seating plan is arranged by the teacher and cannot be changed without his/her permission. In addition, if a teacher sees that a change of the seating of students is necessary for the better function of a class, students should conform without question.

Students should be properly and decently attired when attending school.

Penalties and punishments according to the misdemeanor escalate as follows:  

  1. Reprimand.
  2. Extra work.
  3. One-hour suspension.
  4. One-day suspension.
  5. Five-day suspension.
  6. Expulsion from the school. / Change of school environment.