The following regulations apply to our school:

  1. If a pupil has not been able to attend the lessons for one or two days on medical grounds, he or she must present a valid letter of excuse, signed by the parents on account of illness on the day of his or her return.
  1. A pupil who has been ill for more than two days must present a doctor’s note on the day of his or her return.
  1. If a pupil does not comply with the regulations as specified in 1 and 2, the absence will be considered as unauthorised and therefore sanctions may be applied.
  1. A doctor’s note is always compulsory when a pupil misses a test or an examination.

Moreover, the Management insists that parents should not ask for exemption from lessons for their children during the week before or after the holidays. Under no circumstances will the school give permission to such a request.

Finally the Management calls upon all pupils to observe conscientiously all the regulations concerning school attendance in order to avoid disciplinary measures being taken.